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Nick Pitera One Man Disney Movie Medley Music Video Skyrockets on YouTube

Nick Pitera - One Man Disney Movie screengrab
YouTube popular singer and Pixar employee Nick Pitera hits YouTube again with his newly released Disney medley music video 'One Man Disney Movie'. I would say the video is a work of genius. He sings a number of classic Disney song. Each song contains a Heroine, Hero, Villain, Sidekick, and Chorus, and Nick voices all of them. Accordingly, the video is divided into six boxes which allows the different Disney archetypes - all played by Pitera - to react to each other's different songs.

Here is the video and you could download "One Man Disney Movie" Nick Pitera Disney Medley Music Video from YouTube with Leawo Video Accelerator. You could also get the music from the video as shown in this guide. If you're on Mac, check this Mac YouTube Downloader.

Early in 2007, Nick Pitera had already been known on YouTube for his cover of Disnay song 'A Whole New World', which has been played 22 million times by the viewers. In that video, he sang both the male and female vocal parts of 'A Whole New World'. This time, he sings all the parts of Disney classic songs, including Belle from Beauty, the Beast, Aladdin, Be Prepared and The Lion King.

This is a new and brilliant form for music mashup. The video is also very well-edited, with excellent interactions between his various "characters" as he sings. It's the most creative video I've seen this year on YouTube. I hope you enjoy it, too.
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